Joshua Adam Wyman

Staff Team Leader

  • Administration
  • Bachelor


How he behaves
What he wants to do
What he can do


Personal Pitch

« offrir aux clients ce qu’ils souhaitent, au moment et sous la forme qu’ils souhaitent, et avant qu’ils ne le demandent »


Preferred behaviours

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Organise and execute
Manage change
Demonstrate proactivity
Develop relationship
Lead people
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognised potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Joshua Adam Wyman comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. He is proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and actions to take his work forward. He has a flexible approach to his job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which he presents his ideas leaves those he talks to in little doubt - you want to follow him. His leadership and desire for continual progress make him an incredible driving force in a team.

His strong points

In his relationships with others
  • He demonstrates spontaneous communication and is frank.
  • He does not become too emotionally involved in his relationships and protects himself in them.
  • He finds it easy to be assertive in his relationships, sets the agenda.
In his working style
  • He is thoughtful and tackles problems from a conceptual aspect.
  • He is very proactive and finds it easy to come up with new ideas.
  • He finds handling unexpected events easy and is able to improvise.
In his emotional management
  • He is responsive, very energetic and has a sense of urgency.
  • He "tries things out" and is willing to take risks.
  • He radiates enthusiasm and sees the bright side of things.

Talent Tags

#direct #detached #multi-tasker #conceptual #creative #improvises #initiative #responsive #takes risks

How he could be more effective

  • He could sometimes be more pragmatic, notably when confronting his ideas with the realities on the ground.
  • He should concentrate on obtaining results with current methods rather than routinely looking to upheave everything.
  • He could give more notice to others about his work by planning it rigorously.


What drives him ...

Worry about quality
Developing in a reassuring environment
Having autonomy

And what motivates him less

Working in a team
Meet new people
Maintaining personal balance

The way he manages his energy

Joshua Adam Wyman's energy is divided between vigour and stability. One of his motivating factors is oriented towards action and the search for stimulation. But he also needs a certain stability and standards to feel comfortable in a professional environment. It is important for him to find this balance in order to fully invest himself in his position.

The activities he prefers


Assessment is an activity in which Joshua Adam Wyman can truly be satisfied from a personal point of view. He particularly likes being able to be a point of reference and providing his opinion in his field of expertise. He has a specific idea of how things should be carried out at work and does not hesitate to challenge the opinions of others on a subject.


Organising work is one of Joshua Adam Wyman's favourite activities. He is ready to invest himself when he has to structure a project, fix objectives and set deadlines. He does not well tolerate advancing blindly in his work. He has to follow the established process and quickly obtain results.


Analysis is an activity that absolutely suits Joshua Adam Wyman. He particularly enjoys studying the links between data and being able to draw reliable conclusions. It is, therefore, important for him to do this activity in the projects that are entrusted to him in order to be personally satisfied.

The environment he seeks

#studious #strict #professional #process #demanding #method #concentration #hierarchy #serious

The management style he uses

Watch and do as I do
Do what I tell you

What this means

Joshua Adam Wyman is a manager who challenges people and gives clear instructions. He is driven by results and sets high standards. He's interested in results above all else, even if he knows the path there is difficult and challenging, and this is the spirit he wants to inspire in his teams.

The management style he seeks

Watch and do as I do
Do what I tell you

How should he be managed?

Joshua Adam Wyman expects a manager to challenge him and give him clear directives. He is carried by a sense of outcome and likes that, where he is concerned, high expectations are formed. He needs a leader who is interested in, above all, the result, even if the way to achieve it is difficult and punishing. He is motivated by challenges and by managers who can be highly assertive.

The culture in which he blossoms

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organisation Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for his development?

Joshua Adam Wyman blossoms in a structured environment centred on results. Developing in a work context with principles and rules to follow suits him perfectly. Indeed, he needs to know what is allowed or not to set himself reliable standards on which to rely. He likes observing that everything is in place to optimise work and guarantee the attainment of goals. He seeks, indeed, a context that judges people, before anything else, on this accomplishments and their capacity to be role-models. In this sense, a competitive culture is a driving force for him because it provides him with clear rules to follow and specific objectives to attain.


His way of thinking

Preferred work Intermediate

Use knowledge
Manipulate data
Analyse situations

Decision-making Reasoned

He prefers spending a little more time making sure his decisions are good.

Learning style Experiment

Learns by testing and making his own mistakes.

Problems he can deal with

As he easily identifies the logic in words, Joshua Adam Wyman is able to work on activities where it is important to understand the sense of a text and its implications. He possesses an ease classifying information, and generally a rather efficient memory. He can be trusted to understand instructions.
Reasoning from numerical information is something Joshua Adam Wyman does easily. He is, indeed, comfortable analysing tables, graphs, and doing mathematical calculations. Data is more accessible for him that other kinds of formats and he has a particular receptiveness in this area.