Aurélien Guitton

Senior Project Engineer

  • Bachelor


How he behaves
What he wants to do
What he can do


Preferred behaviours

Shape Shape + Drive
Highly motivating aspect that will make him feel fulfilled


Build relationships / Take the lead / Unite and mobilise

Behaviours in the "influence" category are linked with providing direction. They include developing a professional network, managing teams, making decisions and being motivated to get ideas across. These behaviours provide insight on a person's natural ability to mobilise others and the way they establish relationships.

Build relationships
Take the lead
Unite and mobilise


Communicate with diplomacy / Provide support / Work collaboratively

Behaviours in the "cooperate" category are linked to facilitating collective work. They include mediating interactions between people, solving conflict, making use of the team's resources, and providing support for others. These behaviours provide insight on a person's natural ability to evolve within a group.

Communicate with diplomacy
Provide support
Work collaboratively


Anticipate challenges / Develop a vision / Innovate

Behaviours in the "think" category are linked to conceiving projects. They include designing strategies, identifying project risks, evaluating tasks and activities, and contributing new ideas. These behaviours provide insight on a person's natural ability to process abstract rather than practical concepts.

Anticipate challenges
Develop a vision


Take initiative / Plan and organise / Inspect and Improve

Behaviours in the "act" category are linked to obtaining results. They include launching projects, implementing action plans, monitoring outcomes, or controlling production quality. These behaviours provide insight on a person's natural ability to understand practical rather than abstract concepts.

Take initiative
Plan and organise
Inspect and Improve


Spread enthusiasm / React swiftly / Handle stress

Behaviours in the "feel" category are linked to controlling one's emotions. They include managing stress, investing one's energy, and radiating a positive vibe. These behaviours provide insight on a person's natural ability to express and channel their emotions in different contexts.

Spread enthusiasm
React swiftly
Handle stress
Highly developed:
Higher than 80% of people
Well developed:
Higher than 60% of people
Moderately developed:
Higher than 40% of people
Slightly developed:
Lower than 60% of people
Lower than 80% of people

Personal style

Producing high quality work is a priority goal for Aurélien Guitton. Conscientious, precise and structured, he sees to it that he does not make any mistakes when he produces something. He owes this diligent attitude to the importance he places on other people's points of view. He listens to their ideas and suggestions, and their feedback. In this sense, he is easy to work with, as he gives others space, is there for them if need be, and performs his tasks meticulously.

His strong points

Relationships with others
  • He does not have too many relationships and holds back.
  • He demonstrates spontaneous communication and is frank.
  • He involves others in decision-making and is a team player.
Working style
    He is able to deal with several projects at the same time.
    He prefers existing methods that have already been tried and tested.
    He is thoughtful and tackles problems from a conceptual aspect.
Emotional management
    He controls his emotions and does not let others be affected by them.
    He shows discernment and makes judgments based on facts.
    He makes taking his decisions reliable by ensuring their outcomes.

Talent Tags

#attentive #observant #direct #open #tolerant #takes part #multi-tasker #conceptual #conventional #conservative #improvises #delegates #formalistic #factual #self-controlled #reassuring

How he could be more effective

    He should focus more on the finalisation of projects that he has begun before starting on other subjects.
    He would benefit from sometimes being proactive in his relationships, mostly by initiating conversations with those around him.
    He could create links more easily with others if he would share more of his emotions and feelings.


What motivates him the most ...

Working as part of a team
Helping others
Being recognised by others

And what motivates him less

Maintaining personal balance
Working in a disciplined environment
Having an attractive remuneration

The way he manages his energy

Aurélien Guitton orients his energy almost exclusively towards the search for new challenges. He likes that things move and generally makes sure to always be at the centre of the action. What he needs is a fast pace that does not leave room for boredom. For him, taking risks is essential. Stability annoys rather than reassures him.

The activities he prefers


Assessment is an activity in which Aurélien Guitton can truly be satisfied from a personal point of view. He particularly likes being able to be a point of reference and providing his opinion in his field of expertise. He has a specific idea of how things should be carried out at work and does not hesitate to challenge the opinions of others on a subject.


It is essential for Aurélien Guitton to be able to invest himself in an activity where he has to initiate the action process. He is satisfied when pushing projects and producing results. He is impatient and seeks to boost the energy when carrying out work.


It is important for Aurélien Guitton to be able to perfect his work. It is, indeed, a very stimulating activity for him because he attaches a lot of importance to the quality of what he produces. Aurélien Guitton can be counted on to dedicate energy to this activity because it is a source of motivation for him.

The environment he seeks

#casual #flexibility #friendly #agility #hospitable #adaptability #proximity #freedom #welcoming

The management style he uses

Collaborators first
And you, what do you think?

What this means

Aurélien Guitton is a manager who's first and foremost concern is his team's wellbeing. He believes it's important to listen and take individual limitations into account. He inspires employees who need a leader who looks after the human side and isn't solely focused on results. He is motivated by working as a team and developing the collective.

The management style he seeks

Watch and do as I do
Try this

How should he be managed?

Aurélien Guitton expects a manager to challenge him daily. He needs to feel progress and be stimulated constantly, notably by ambitious objectives. The perfect leader for him is one who gives him personal challenges and makes him develop. He is motivated by an individual management approach oriented towards the result.

The culture in which he blossoms

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organization Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What environment will he thrive in?

Aurélien Guitton seeks an active work environment oriented towards results. He is best satisfied in a company culture that values innovation by adopting a flexible approach to work. Each person is free to work in their own way to achieve their goals. He needs a work context that evolves regularly to integrate new ways of working, and be regularly questioned. Indeed, he expects to be stimulated by his environment, and in no case does he set himself a work routine. Definitively, he needs few rules, but rather a culture that values accomplishments.


His way of thinking

Preferred tasks Complex

Capacity to comprehend new and strategic subjects.

Decision-making Quick

He moves quickly from one task to the next, and does not linger on obstacles.

Learning style Innovate

Easily integrates and tests new concepts himself.

Problems he can deal with

Brilliant from an intellectual point of view, Aurélien Guitton tends to easily adapt concepts that were initially foreign. He is able to understand new or complex subjects without needing to see them in practice. This means he can develop his skills by researching and reading about a diverse range of subjects. He needs to be intellectually stimulated by his work, without which he may get bored quickly.

Aurélien Guitton's spontaneous temperament leads him to learn by testing concepts and techniques himself. For him, the best way to acquire new knowledge is to try, develop understanding through failure, then start again. He sometimes lacks patience. To integrate new ideas or new knowledge, he first needs to experiment by himself.