Szandra Csont

Multi-Skilled Employee

  • Bachelor


social media video editing communitacion/PR journalism


diving sailing music contemporary dance


How they behave
What they want to do
What they can do


Personal Pitch

I love the contemporary online environment, with all the social media websites, the online videos, and the gifs, boomerangs, or the cinemagraphs. It is fascinating to see how making news and digesting the news have changed nowadays. Over the past thirteen years, I had gained extensive experience in news editing, video editing and article writing for printed and online newspapers, about culture, politics and local news, and also in managing social media channels, or microblogging.


Preferred behaviors

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Organize and execute
Manage change
Demonstrate proactivity
Develop relationship
Lead people
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognized potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Szandra Csont comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. They are proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and actions to take their work forward. They have a flexible approach to their job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which they present their ideas leaves those they talk to in little doubt - you want to follow them. Their leadership and desire for continual progress make them an incredible driving force in a team.

Their strong points

In their relationships with others
  • They are a critical thinker and only accept reasoned ideas.
  • They try to establish genuine relationships and show an interest in people.
  • They are modest, do not try to make a name for themselves.
In their working style
    They are thoughtful and tackle problems from a conceptual aspect.
    They are very proactive and find it easy to come up with new ideas.
    They get straight to the point, are able to see the whole picture and work quickly.
In their emotional management
    They are responsive, very energetic and have a sense of urgency.
    They show discernment and make judgments based on facts.
    They express their feelings and find it easy to communicate with people.

Talent Tags

#sincere #Critical #conceptual #creative #change #sees overall picture #responsive #factual #expressive

How they could be more effective

    They would benefit from letting others fully express themselves before voicing their reservations about their suggestions.
    They could sometimes be more pragmatic, notably when confronting their ideas with the realities on the ground.
    They should concentrate on obtaining results with current methods rather than routinely looking to upheave everything.


What drives them ...

Worrying about quality
Creating new things
Making a positive impact on the world

And what motivates them less

Meeting new people
Working in a fun environment
Working in a team

The way they manage their energy

Szandra Csont's energy is divided between vigour and stability. One of their motivating factors is oriented towards action and the search for stimulation. But they also need a certain stability and standards to feel comfortable in a professional environment. It is important for them to find this balance in order to fully invest themselves in their position.

The activities they prefer


Design is part of the activities that most interests Szandra Csont. They very much like being able to contribute their ideas and think about things that don't yet exist. They avoid, however, doing it in a vague context without clear standards.


It is important for them to be able to perfect their work. It is, indeed, a very stimulating activity for them because they attach a lot of importance to the quality of what they produce. They can be counted on to dedicate energy to this activity because it is a source of motivation for them.


They can invest themselves in this activity even though it is not one of their priorities. They like, in a certain measure, being able to provide their perspective on specific subjects and seek to be a point of reference to judge an aspect of the job.

The environment they seek

#studious #respect #professional #process #calm #method #concentration #order #serious

The management style they use

Come with me
Do what I tell you

What this means

Szandra Csont is a hands-on manager who gives clear directions. They let people know what is expected and thus avoid any ambiguity. For them, a leader should clearly explain their vision and set the example for the team. They value following the rules and reliability.

The management style they seek

Come with me
Do what I tell you

How should they be managed?

Szandra Csont expects a manager to take the lead and provide clear instructions. They need to know what is expected of them and avoid any ambiguity. For them, a leader must clearly express a vision and chart a clear course to monitor the group. They are motivated by someone who values respect of principles and reliability.

The culture in which they blossom

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organization Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for their development?

Szandra Csont is able to blossom in very different cultures. There is no standard working style that absolutely suits them. They find advantages and drawbacks in every work environment. It is not the company culture that influences their commitment, but rather, the capacity of the position to provide what they seek through the work. If they find their principle motivating factors, the structure in which they develop does not matter as they are capable of adapting and being satisfied.


Their way of thinking

Preferred tasks Simple

Capacity to perform habitual and well-ingrained tasks.

Decision-making Quick

They move quickly from one task to the next, and do not linger on obstacles.

Learning style Experiment

Learn by testing and making their own mistakes.

Problems they can deal with

To learn new concepts, Szandra Csont needs concrete evidence. They develop skills gradually from accumulated field experience. Aspects that are theoretical or too abstract are often foreign to them, and do not help them progress. Indeed, they have difficulties transferring them within the structure of work. They acquire new knowledge through practice and repetition.

Their spontaneous temperament leads them to learn by testing concepts and techniques themselves. For them, the best way to acquire new knowledge is to try, develop understanding through failure, then start again. They sometimes lack patience. To integrate new ideas or new knowledge, they first need to experiment by themselves.