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Mélina LE MIGNON is an "A-Player" type profile.

A-Player profiles have unusually strong adaptability, learn very quickly and are strongly action-oriented. They have a tendency to succeed and progress easily, regardless of the environment in which they're likely to evolve.

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Sales Écoute Présentation Relation client Dynamisme
Anglais Conseil

Points of interest

Danse Vins et Spiritueux Voyages Le Made In France Comédie Musicale
Les gens Philosophie


How she behaves
What she wants to do
What she can do


Personal Pitch

« Ce qui compte c’est qui vous êtes. » Ces quelques mots ont suffi pour conquérir mon cœur de candidate ! Puisque vous vous moquez du CV, mon parcours atypique ne vous effraiera donc pas ! Un Master à l’ESC Reims et plusieurs années à réaliser mes rêves artistiques. Et puis mon cerveau gauche ayant repris (partiellement) ses fonctions et mes envies ayant évolué, j'ai souhaité emprunter une nouvelle voie professionnelle pour continuer à apprendre et suivre un de mes leitmotiv de toujours : devenir une meilleure version possible de moi-même. Cela tombe bien, c’est aussi votre credo !


Preferred behaviours

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Organise and execute
Manage change
Demonstrate proactivity
Develop relationship
Lead people
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognised potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Mélina LE MIGNON comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. She is proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and actions to take her work forward. She has a flexible approach to her job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which she presents her ideas leaves those she talks to in little doubt - you want to follow her. Her leadership and desire for continual progress make her an incredible driving force in a team.

Her strong points

In her relationships with others
  • She adapts her communication to those she talks to and is warm.
  • She makes decisions completely independently. Proceeds with her work on her own.
  • She tries to get her ideas across and inspires team spirit.
In her working style
  • She gets straight to the point, is able to see the whole picture and works quickly.
  • She strives for excellence and is not satisfied with the bare minimum.
  • She finds handling unexpected events easy and is able to improvise.
In her emotional management
  • She is responsive, very energetic and has a sense of urgency.
  • She expresses her feelings and finds it easy to communicate with people.
  • She "tries things out" and is willing to take risks.

Talent Tags

#conviction #tactful #sincere #independent #conceptual #change #improvises #to the point #tenacious #initiative #responsive #Enthusiastic #expressive #takes risks

How she could be more effective

  • She could more regularly express what bothers her about others, dare to say what she does not like.
  • She would benefit from tempering her emotions in order to avoid a certain impulsiveness in tense moments.
  • She would probably avoid committing certain mistakes if she checked her work before sending it to others.


What drives her ...

Meet new people
Excel everyday
Making a positive impact on the world

And what motivates her less

Maintaining personal balance
Having attractive remuneration
Developing in a reassuring environment

The way she manages her energy

Mélina LE MIGNON orients her energy almost exclusively towards the search for new challenges. She likes that things move and generally makes sure to always be at the centre of the action. What she needs is a fast pace that does not leave room for boredom. For her, taking risks is essential. Stability annoys rather than reassures her.

The activities she prefers


Promotion is an activity in which Mélina LE MIGNON blossoms the most. She is satisfied when she has to be a project ambassador and present a job to a large audience. She needs a position that gives her access to this role because she draws much energy from it.


Design is part of the activities that most interests Mélina LE MIGNON. She very much likes being able to contribute her ideas and think about things that no longer exist. She avoids, however, doing it in a vague context without clear standards.


Being able to boost the energy at work is a main source of fulfilment for Mélina LE MIGNON. She is, indeed, enlivened by an energy that she likes to communicate in the work that is entrusted to her, notably, by pushing others into action. She needs to see projects progress and uses her restlessness to further their advancement.

The environment she seeks

#fun #method #relaxed #respect #friendly #organisation #humour #proximity #process

The management style she uses

Watch and do as I do
Try this

What this means

Mélina LE MIGNON is a manager who challenges her teams daily. She likes to encourage her employees, notably by setting ambitious objectives. The perfect leader for her is someone who sets challenges tailored to each person to help them develop. She has an individual approach to management, based on results.

The management style she seeks

Come with me
And you, what do you think?

How should she be managed?

Mélina LE MIGNON expects a manager to listen and define group objectives in a participatory way. She is motivated by leaders who involve the whole team in attaining the objective. She needs someone who gives meaning to the work, is less attached to results to be obtained and furthers the best way to achieve it.

The culture in which she blossoms

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organisation Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for her development?

Mélina LE MIGNON seeks an active work environment oriented towards results. She is best satisfied in a company culture that values innovation by adopting a flexible approach to work. Each person is free to work in their own way to achieve their goals. She needs a work context that evolves regularly to integrate new ways of working, and be regularly questioned. Indeed, she expects to be stimulated by her environment, and in no case does she set herself a work routine. Definitively, she needs few rules, but rather a culture that values accomplishments.


Her way of thinking

Preferred work Complex

Manage the unexpected
Use knowledge
Analyse situations

Decision-making Reasoned

She prefers spending a little more time making sure her decisions are good.

Learning style Innovate

Easily integrates new concepts and tests them herself.

Problems she can deal with

Mélina LE MIGNON has a particular affinity for tasks that require work on concepts. She is comfortable thinking about fundamentally abstract information. An intense analysis leads her to throw herself into it and try to predict all the aspects linked to projects on which she is working. She could even lack, sometimes, a bit of realism.
As she easily identifies the logic in words, Mélina LE MIGNON is able to work on activities where it is important to understand the sense of a text and its implications. She possesses an ease classifying information, and generally a rather efficient memory. She can be trusted to understand instructions.