Recruitment Officer @ AIRBUS 8

  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Bachelor


How she behaves
What she wants to do
What she can do


Preferred behaviours

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Manage change
Organise and execute
Demonstrate proactivity
Lead people
Develop relationship
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognised potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Diana SAKOTA is a key person in team work. Focused on others, she has a certain ability to create and develop relationships. For example, she excels at developing her network. She is a driving force who can both generate impetus and always be there to support her colleagues. She is an absolute team player who cares about the group. Carrying out a project on her own means very little to her. It is in the relational sphere that she thrives and makes a real difference.

Her strong points

In her relationships with others
  • She finds it easy to make contact with people and is approachable.
  • She is modest and does not try to be assertive.
  • She tries to establish genuine relationships and shows an interest in people.
In her working style
  • She prefers existing methods that have already been tried and tested.
  • She has a practical approach geared towards action.
  • She gets straight to the point, is able to see the whole picture and works quickly.
In her emotional management
  • She radiates enthusiasm and sees the bright side of things.
  • She "tries things out" and is willing to take risks.
  • She is calm and collected and is not thrown off balance by external events.

Talent Tags

#modesty #attentive #approachable #tactful #sincere #tolerant #takes part #practical #conventional #sees overall picture #calm #Enthusiastic #takes risks

How she could be more effective

  • She could look for ideas and voice suggestions in order to advance her work.
  • She would be probably be more focused in the job at hand if her interactions were sometimes limited.
  • She would benefit from taking a little distance before taking action, demonstrating more reflection.


What drives her ...

Having autonomy
Working in a fun environment
Maintaining personal balance

And what motivates her less

Analyse data
Having influence
Create new things

The way she manages her energy

The motivating factors that Diana SAKOTA prioritises are those of stability. She uses her energy to develop standards and points of reference on which to rely. She enjoys being able to establish a certain regularity in the way she manages her work. She avoids making decisions that are general uncertain in her situation.

The activities she prefers


This activity can absolutely suit Diana SAKOTA in the sense that it involves a detached view and a decisive decision-making on a subject. She enjoys challenging others' points of view and bringing her perspective to a subject. She likes being able to demonstrate independence in her judgements.


Diana SAKOTA does not show much interest in working on tasks where she has to create and use his imagination. Indeed, she prefers even having a bit of structure and standards to produce work on the basis of known elements.


Diana SAKOTA has limited interest in the organisation of his job. She enjoys having minimum structure with which to refer to in order to complete tasks that are entrusted to her, but it does not bother her in the short term. Consequently, she does not seek to work on this aspect.

The environment she seeks

#fun #method #casual #respect #friendly #organisation #humour #proximity #process

The management style she seeks

And you, what do you think?
Collaborators first

How should she be managed?

Diana SAKOTA expects a manager to be interested, above all, in the well-being of the team. She needs someone to listen, be empathetic and who takes into account the limits of each one. The leader who inspires her and whom she trusts is a leader who is interested in the person and who is not irritated by results. She is motivated by team work and collective development.

The culture in which she blossoms

Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for her development?

Diana SAKOTA is fully engaged in a culture oriented towards relationships with others and the collective. She likes that the person is foremost valued and that each person is satisfied in the work environment. This requires that the rules are able to adapt accordingly to suit everyone. She avoids environments where the results are foremost valued, and where the data culture is dominant. She rather needs a work context that values collective accomplishments. She likes, indeed, to observe that the collaboration is led towards the attainment of targeted goals. Indeed, she is bored if she work environment is too stable and she stagnates in her situation.


Her way of thinking

Preferred work Simple

Manage the unexpected
Manipulate data
Use knowledge

Decision-making Quick

She needs to progress quickly from one activity to another without getting stuck.

Learning style Experiment

Learns by testing and making her own mistakes.

Problems she can deal with

Diana SAKOTA has a particular affinity for tasks that require work on concepts. She is comfortable thinking about fundamentally abstract information. An intense analysis leads her to throw herself into it and try to predict all the aspects linked to projects on which she is working. She could even lack, sometimes, a bit of realism.
Reasoning from numerical information is something Diana SAKOTA does easily. She is, indeed, comfortable analysing tables, graphs, and doing mathematical calculations. Data is more accessible for her that other kinds of formats and she has a particular receptiveness in this area.