Dorothea Portius, Phd

Research Manager/Development Manager

  • Doctorate

Technical skills

creative thinking innovative decision making networking communication
management driving things forward energy enthusiastic

Areas of interest

active sport music culture


How they behave
What they want to do
What they are capable of doing


Personal pitch

I am an ambitious and self-motivated researcher with strong background in metabolic diseases including diabetes, obesity, cardiometabolic, cancers and early drug discovery. I demonstrated success in establishing various research projects. With my academic background and my certification in Clinical Trial Management and Design, I am looking forward to new opportunities in the clinical research world to aid the cure for diseases with current unmet medical need. I am an efficient goal setter with precise focus on timelines as I have enforced and managed multiple research projects simultaneously. Based on my international work experiences, I possess strong interpersonal competences. I am able to adapt to changing priorities and environments, which I showed through different collaborations during my academic work and my work as an active team member in different organizations. I am a certified Fitness Instructor and Functional Nutrition Coach. I am actively supporting people and patients (e.g. cancer) how to improve symptoms and diseases with nutrition and exercise. I am passionate to educate kids and community about diseases prevention. I am driven to support new and innovative therapeutics that make meaningful changes to patients’ lives.


Behavioral style

Highly motivating aspect that will make them feel fulfilled.


Build relationships / Take the lead / Unite and mobilize

Behaviors in the "Influence" category are linked to providing direction. They include developing a professional network, managing teams, making decisions and being motivated to get ideas across. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to mobilize others and the way they establish relationships.

Build relationships
Take the lead
Unite and mobilize


Communicate with diplomacy / Provide support / Work collaboratively

Behaviors in the "Cooperate" category are linked to facilitating collective work. They include mediating interactions between people, solving conflict, making use of the team's resources, and providing support for others. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to evolve within a group.

Communicate with diplomacy
Provide support
Work collaboratively


Anticipate challenges / Develop a vision / Innovate

Behaviors in the "Think" category are linked to conceiving projects. They include designing strategies, identifying project risks, evaluating tasks and activities, and contributing new ideas. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to process abstract rather than practical concepts.

Anticipate challenges
Develop a vision


Take initiative / Plan and organize / Inspect and improve

Behaviors in the "Act" category are linked to obtaining results. They include launching projects, implementing action plans, monitoring outcomes, or controlling production quality. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to understand practical rather than abstract concepts.

Take initiative
Plan and organize
Inspect and improve


Spread enthusiasm / React swiftly / Handle stress

Behaviors in the "Feel" category are linked to controlling one's emotions. They include managing stress, investing one's energy, and radiating a positive vibe. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to express and channel their emotions in different contexts.

Spread enthusiasm
React swiftly
Handle stress
Development potential
Highly developed:
Higher than 80% of people
Well developed:
Higher than 60% of people
Moderately developed:
Higher than 40% of people
Slightly developed:
Lower than 60% of people
Lower than 80% of people

Personal style: Promoter

Dorothea Portius, Phd comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. They are proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and initiatives to take their work forward. They have a flexible approach to their job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which they present their ideas leaves those they talk to in little doubt - you want to follow their lead. Their leadership and passion for continual progress make them an extraordinary driving force in a team.

Main strengths

Relationship management
  • They find it easy to socialize and are approachable.
  • They make decisions with complete independence, advancing their work on their own.
  • They find it easy to be assertive in their relationships, and set the agenda.
Work management
    They adapt easily to change, and consider change positive.
    They structure their work, plan it and follow procedures.
    They are concise, get straight to the point, and work quickly.
Emotional management
    They are responsive, very energetic and have a sense of urgency.
    They express their feelings and find it easy to communicate with others.
    They show discernment and make judgments based on facts.


#lead #attentive #approachable #tactful #independent #change #organized #sees overall picture #initiative #responsive #expressive

Areas of improvement

    They would benefit from tempering their emotions in order to avoid impulsiveness in stressful situations.
    They could better channel their energy and enthusiasm, especially when those around them need to concentrate.
    They could probably be more focused on the job at hand if they limited their interactions.


What motivates them the most...

Excelling every day
Meeting new people
Having influence

What motivates them the least...

Having clearly defined tasks
Having autonomy
Seeking competition

How they manage their energy

Dorothea Portius, Phd channels most of their energy towards taking action. Their main drivers push them to act and take risks. They need to be stimulated to maintain their interest in their activity or role. For them, stability is synonymous with boredom and weariness. It is better to give them new challenges often.

The activities they prefer


Promoting projects is an activity in which Dorothea Portius, Phd thrives. They find satisfaction in being an ambassador for projects, and presenting ideas to a larger audience. They need a position that allows them to take on this role because they draw a significant amount of energy from it.


Dorothea Portius, Phd is interested in activities that require their creativity. This is particularly true when it comes to planning and organizing their work. They value having the possibility to think and act as they like.


Dorothea Portius, Phd enjoys dedicating their energy to perfecting their work and polishing its presentation. It is important for them that their work be perfect in terms of accuracy but also aesthetics. They could find it frustrating to have to compromise on these aspects because of time constraints or because of conflicting priorities.

The work environment they prefer

#relaxed #flexibility #friendly #agility #welcoming #adaptability #proximity #freedom #hospitable

Their management style

Try this
Come with me

What this means

Dorothea Portius, Phd is an inspiring manager who focuses on their employees' personal development. They have clear roadmaps for each team member and position themselves as a mentor. As managers, they rally everyone towards a common goal while also taking individuality into account.

The management style they seek

And you, what do you think?
Collaborators first

Their ideal manager

Dorothea Portius, Phd expects a manager to be concerned foremost with the team's well-being. They need a manager who will listen to them with compassion, and who takes individual limitations into account. The leader who inspires them and whom they trust is one who acknowledges human aspects instead of focusing solely on results. They are motivated by teamwork and collective development.

The culture in which they blossom

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organization Competition
Best fit
Good fit

The ideal culture for them

Dorothea Portius, Phd is best suited to cultures that prioritize personal results and accomplishments. They prefer environments that are flexible enough to adapt to change and foster innovation, without letting that flexibility hinder the attainment of objectives. They readily welcome stricter rules if the rules facilitate coordination and contribute to achieving business goals. However, they will find routines and highly stable workplaces hard to bear. To maintain a high level of engagement, they need stimulation from their environment, and a constant sense of improvement and progress at work.


Their way of thinking

Preferred tasks Intermediate

Capacity to work autonomously.

Decision-making Reasoned

Tendency to dedicate time to ensuring decisions are right.

Learning style Deepen

Ability to progress by putting proven concepts to use.

How they learn new skills and concepts

Dorothea Portius, Phd has a considerable aptitude for assimilating new knowledge. They can learn from advice and from information they gather on their own. Although they can find it helpful, they do not necessarily have to put new skills into practice in order to master them.

Careful in their approach, Dorothea Portius, Phd prefers to rely on proven strategies. They are observant and tend to adopt tried-and-true concepts that they can trust thoroughly. In this sense, they find it easier to learn from information provided.