Gisela Lum Musi

Management Assistant

  • Bachelor

Technical skills

commercial awareness communication skills team work with ability to manage and delegate problem solving negotiation skills
leadership skills organisation skills perseverance and motivation ability to work under presure resilience analytical skills

Areas of interest

helping the poor reading volunteer work job related activities writing
arts/music traveling sports


How they behave
What they want to do
What they are capable of doing


Personal pitch

I am a very passionate person in what i do (work) and values my believes. I am highly ambitous and a driven person when it has to do with meeting my goals in life and make the world a better place. I love working with others and listening to people while trying to make them feel better and valued by providing advice or helping them where possible. I can call myself a natural leader. I am results oriented and will not rest till I and every one else working with meet objectives within time required Above all I am an excelent communicator and a like-able person. As for work I have served in several areas of the company from Accounts Clerk, Loan recovery officer, Planning Agent, Asset staff, even served in management possitions as deputy Director of Planning Dept, Deputy Director of E-Commerce dept and presently as the Director of Network and Business (management assistance) My most challenging and most enjoyed position is when i helped management as a liaison to other department with their problems and followed up for management instructions to be met and update on a daily basis company Objectives achievement rate. I am open and ready to learn new things that challenge me.


Behavioral style

Highly motivating aspect that will make them feel fulfilled.


Build relationships / Take the lead / Unite and mobilize

Behaviors in the "influence" category are linked to providing direction. They include developing a professional network, managing teams, making decisions and being motivated to get ideas across. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to mobilize others and the way they establish relationships.

Build relationships
Take the lead
Unite and mobilize


Communicate with diplomacy / Provide support / Work collaboratively

Behaviors in the "Cooperate" category are linked to facilitating collective work. They include mediating interactions between people, solving conflict, making use of the team's resources, and providing support for others. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to evolve within a group.

Communicate with diplomacy
Provide support
Work collaboratively


Anticipate challenges / Develop a vision / Innovate

Behaviors in the "think" category are linked to conceiving projects. They include designing strategies, identifying project risks, evaluating tasks and activities, and contributing new ideas. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to process abstract rather than practical concepts.

Anticipate challenges
Develop a vision


Take initiative / Plan and organize / Inspect and Improve

Behaviors in the "act" category are linked to obtaining results. They include launching projects, implementing action plans, monitoring outcomes, or controlling production quality. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to understand practical rather than abstract concepts.

Take initiative
Plan and organize
Inspect and Improve


Spread enthusiasm / React swiftly / Handle stress

Behaviors in the "feel" category are linked to controlling one's emotions. They include managing stress, investing one's energy, and radiating a positive vibe. These behaviors provide insight on a person's natural ability to express and channel their emotions in different contexts.

Spread enthusiasm
React swiftly
Handle stress
Development potential
Highly developed:
Higher than 80% of people
Well developed:
Higher than 60% of people
Moderately developed:
Higher than 40% of people
Slightly developed:
Lower than 60% of people
Lower than 80% of people

Personal style: Coach

Gisela Lum Musi is a key person when it comes to teamwork. Focused on others, they have an undeniable ability to create and develop relationships. For example, they excel at growing their network. They act as a catalyst, fostering a dynamic spirit and supporting their colleagues without fail. They are an absolute team player and care deeply about the group. Carrying out a project on their own means very little to them. It is in the relational sphere that they thrive and make a real difference.

Main strengths

Relationship management
  • They adapt their speech to their audience and show warmth.
  • They try to get their ideas across and inspire team spirit.
  • They establish genuine relationships and show an interest in people.
Work management
    They rely on their points of reference and prefer continuity to change.
    They are concise, get straight to the point, and work quickly.
    They strive for excellence and are not satisfied with the bare minimum.
Emotional management
    They are self-possessed and keep their cool when dealing with external events.
    They radiate enthusiasm and see the bright side of things.
    They express their feelings and find it easy to communicate with others.


#conviction #tactful #sincere #conservative #sees overall picture #delegates #initiative #calm #enthusiastic #expressive

Areas of improvement

    They could more often express what bothers them about others, dare to say what they do not like.
    They should be more open to new approaches and ways of working.
    They could probably avoid making mistakes if they checked their work before delivering it.


What motivates them the most...

Being recognized by others
Creating new things
Being rewarded

What motivates them the least...

Meeting new people
Working in a fun environment
Maintaining personal balance

How they manage their energy

Gisela Lum Musi divides their energy equally between dynamism and stability. Some of their main drivers push them towards taking action and seeking stimulation. However, they also need a certain stability and sound bearings in order to feel comfortable in a professional environment. It is important that they find this balance in order to fully invest themselves in their role.

The activities they prefer


Design is one of the activities that highly interests Gisela Lum Musi. They very much enjoy being able to contribute their ideas and imagine things that don't yet exist. They are reluctant, however, to devote time to design in vague contexts or without a clear framework.


Supporting others is an activity from which Gisela Lum Musi draws much satisfaction and motivation. They particularly enjoy helping others and being there for them. It is important for them to bond with those around them.


Gisela Lum Musi can invest themselves when it comes to conducting evaluations, even though it is not one of their priorities. To a certain extent, they like being able to provide their perspective on specific subjects and seek to be a point of reference when it comes to providing a critical view of projects.

The work environment they prefer

#studious #respect #professional #process #calm #method #concentration #order #serious

Their management style

Try this
Collaborators first

What this means

Gisela Lum Musi is a manager who is attentive and actively listens on a daily basis. They value people above results, really take their employees into account, and adapt their expectations based on each person's abilities.

The management style they seek

Try this
And you, what do you think?

Their ideal manager

Gisela Lum Musi expects a manager to facilitate collective work and empower each team member. They need a manager who listens actively and is open to their ideas. They want a leader that sets individual development plans while still promoting teamwork. They place special importance on collective intelligence.

The culture in which they blossom

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organization Competition
Best fit
Good fit

The ideal culture for them

Gisela Lum Musi has the capacity to thrive in a wide range of cultures. There is no standard approach or environment that suits them better than others. They find advantages and drawbacks in every type of work environment. Their level of commitment will therefore not be determined by the culture of the company, but rather by whether their role has the potential to make them feel fulfilled. If their main motivational factors are satisfied by the role, they will be capable of adapting and thriving in any environment.


Their way of thinking

Preferred tasks Intermediate

Capacity to work autonomously.

Decision-making Prudent

Tendency to take the time to make the most of available resources.

Learning style Innovate

Ability to easily assimilate new concepts through analysis.

How they learn new skills and concepts

Gisela Lum Musi has a considerable aptitude for assimilating new knowledge. They can learn from advice and from information they gather on their own. Although they can find it helpful, they do not necessarily have to put new skills into practice in order to master them.

Gisela Lum Musi's spontaneous nature leads them to learn by testing out concepts and techniques themselves. They finds that the best way to acquire new knowledge is to first try, develop their understanding through failure, and then try again. They can sometimes lack patience. To assimilate new ideas or new knowledge, they first need to experiment by themselves.