Tawheedah Panchoo

Head of Non-Motor Dept

  • Professional

Points of interest

Peinture, Sports, Animaux


How she behaves
What she wants to do
What she can do


Personal Pitch

A results driven, committed person with excellent communication skills and a high level of commitment. Multi-skilled with the ability to maintain & develop existing and new business through ethical methods and affective customer service. Possess a very good team spirit & a deadline orientated person.


Preferred behaviours

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Organise and execute
Manage change
Demonstrate proactivity
Develop relationship
Lead people
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognised potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Tawheedah Panchoo comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. She is proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and actions to take her work forward. She has a flexible approach to her job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which she presents her ideas leaves those she talks to in little doubt - you want to follow her. Her leadership and desire for continual progress make her an incredible driving force in a team.

Her strong points

In her relationships with others
  • She is a critical thinker and only accepts reasoned ideas.
  • She adapts her communication to those she talks to and is warm.
  • She makes decisions completely independently. Proceeds with her work on her own.
In her working style
  • She is able to deal with several projects at the same time.
  • She is thoughtful and tackles problems from a conceptual aspect.
  • She is very proactive and finds it easy to come up with new ideas.
In her emotional management
  • She radiates enthusiasm and sees the bright side of things.
  • She expresses her feelings and finds it easy to communicate with people.
  • She is responsive, very energetic and has a sense of urgency.

Talent Tags

#tactful #Critical #independent #multi-tasker #conceptual #creative #change #improvises #delegates #initiative #Enthusiastic #expressive

How she could be more effective

  • She would benefit from letting others fully express themselves before voicing her reservations about their suggestions.
  • She should focus more on the finalisation of projects that she has begun before starting on other subjects.
  • She could sometimes be more pragmatic, notably when confronting her ideas with the realities on the ground.


What drives her ...

Create new things
Meet new people
Working in a team

And what motivates her less

Analyse data
Helping others
Have clearly defined tasks

The way she manages her energy

Tawheedah Panchoo orients the majority of her energy towards action. Her sources of motivation push her to move and take risks. She needs to be stimulated to maintain her interest in an activity or a position. For her, stability is synonymous with boredom and tiredness. It is better to regularly offer her new challenges.

The activities she prefers


Design is part of the activities that most interests Tawheedah Panchoo. She very much likes being able to contribute her ideas and think about things that don't yet exist. She avoids, however, doing it in a vague context without clear standards.


This activity absolutely suits Tawheedah Panchoo. She particularly likes to be a point of reference to assess a subject. She likes providing her critique, her opinions and comparing them with others. Assessment is, therefore, a principle source of motivation for Tawheedah Panchoo.


Tawheedah Panchoo draws a lot of energy from her involvement in activities where she has to move plans into action. She has a marked sense of success that pushes her to expend great energy at work. She particularly enjoys being one of the drivers in the job.

The environment she seeks

#relaxed #respect #friendly #process #hospitable #method #proximity #principle #welcoming

The management style she uses

Come with me
Do what I tell you

What this means

Tawheedah Panchoo is a hands-on manager who gives clear directions. She lets people know what is expected and thus avoids any ambiguity. For her, a leader should clearly explain their vision and set the example for the team. She values following the rules and reliability.

The management style she seeks

Try this
Watch and do as I do

How should she be managed?

Tawheedah Panchoo expects a manager to challenge her daily. She needs to feel progress and be stimulated constantly, notably by ambitious objectives. The perfect leader for her is one who gives her personal challenges and makes her develop. She is motivated by an individual management approach oriented towards the result.

The culture in which she blossoms

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organisation Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for her development?

Tawheedah Panchoo needs to develop in a work context which values personal results and accomplishments. She seeks an environment that is flexible enough to adapt to her development and prioritises innovation, but the flexibility must not hinder the attainment of fixed objectives. She is ready to accept stricter rules if they better allow her to coordinate and ensure the aims of the organisation. Having a routine and stable work context is difficult for her to manage. She needs to be stimulated by her environment to maintain her commitment, and to be able to observe concrete developments in the results obtained.


Her way of thinking

Preferred work Intermediate

Manipulate data
Manage the unexpected
Use knowledge

Decision-making Reasoned

She prefers spending a little more time making sure her decisions are good.

Learning style Implements

Draws on her own knowledge of instructions and advice, which she dispenses to others.

Problems she can deal with

Reasoning from numerical information is something Tawheedah Panchoo does easily. She is, indeed, comfortable analysing tables, graphs, and doing mathematical calculations. Data is more accessible for her that other kinds of formats and she has a particular receptiveness in this area.
Tawheedah Panchoo has a particular affinity for tasks that require work on concepts. She is comfortable thinking about fundamentally abstract information. An intense analysis leads her to throw herself into it and try to predict all the aspects linked to projects on which she is working. She could even lack, sometimes, a bit of realism.