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Emmanuelle Sillé is an "A-Player" type profile.

A-Player profiles have unusually strong adaptability, learn very quickly and are strongly action-oriented. They have a tendency to succeed and progress easily, regardless of the environment in which they're likely to evolve.

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Emmanuelle Sillé

Менеджер по работе с клиентами @ ASSESSFIRST SAS

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Points of interest

Yoga Voyages Bien-être Vinyasa Yoga Ressources humaines


How she behaves
What she wants to do
What she can do


Personal Pitch

Titre de psychologue en poche, j'intégrais AssessFirst! Je débutais en tant que Learning Manager puis j'évoluais vers un job d’Account Executive. Aujourd’hui, je développe le service Account Manager (avec une formidable collègue). L’objectif: accompagner tous nos clients et faire en sorte que leur utilisation d'AssessFirst soit la meilleure possible!❤️ PS: AssessFirst est en hypercroissance avec plus de 3500 clients..!


Preferred behaviours

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Organise and execute
Manage change
Demonstrate proactivity
Develop relationship
Lead people
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognised potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Emmanuelle Sillé comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. She is proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and actions to take her work forward. She has a flexible approach to her job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which she presents her ideas leaves those she talks to in little doubt - you want to follow her. Her leadership and desire for continual progress make her an incredible driving force in a team.

Her strong points

In her relationships with others
  • She finds it easy to be assertive in her relationships and sets the agenda.
  • She finds it easy to make contact with people and is approachable.
  • She makes decisions completely independently. Proceeds with her work on her own.
In her working style
    She strives for excellence and is not satisfied with the bare minimum.
    She easily adapts to change and has a positive view of it.
    She gets straight to the point, is able to see the whole picture and works quickly.
In her emotional management
    She expresses her feelings and finds it easy to communicate with people.
    She "tries things out" and is willing to take risks.
    She radiates enthusiasm and sees the bright side of things.

Talent Tags

#lead #approachable #tactful #independent #conventional #change #improvises #to the point #tenacious #initiative #Enthusiastic #expressive #takes risks

How she could be more effective

    She could better channel her energy and enthusiasm, notably when those around her try to concentrate.
    She could leave more room for others, avoid intervening in every decision made.
    She would be probably be more focused in the job at hand if her interactions were sometimes limited.


What drives her ...

Having autonomy
Having attractive remuneration
Receiving compensation

And what motivates her less

Helping others
Analyse data
Developing in a reassuring environment

The way she manages her energy

Emmanuelle Sillé orients the majority of her energy towards action. Her sources of motivation push her to move and take risks. She needs to be stimulated to maintain her interest in an activity or a position. For her, stability is synonymous with boredom and tiredness. It is better to regularly offer her new challenges.

The activities she prefers


Assessment is an activity in which Emmanuelle Sillé can truly be satisfied from a personal point of view. She particularly likes being able to be a point of reference and providing her opinion in her field of expertise. She has a specific idea of how things should be carried out at work and does not hesitate to challenge the opinions of others on a subject.


It is essential for Emmanuelle Sillé to be able to invest herself in an activity where she has to initiate the action process. She is satisfied when pushing projects and producing results. She is impatient and seeks to boost the energy when carrying out work.


Promotion is an activity in which Emmanuelle Sillé blossoms the most. She is satisfied when she has to be a project ambassador and present a job to a large audience. She needs a position that gives her access to this role because she draws much energy from it.

The environment she seeks

#relaxed #flexibility #friendly #agility #welcoming #adaptability #proximity #liberty #hospitable

The management style she uses

Watch and do as I do
Do what I tell you

What this means

Emmanuelle Sillé is a manager who challenges people and gives clear instructions. She is driven by results and sets high standards. She's interested in results above all else, even if she knows the path there is difficult and challenging, and this is the spirit she wants to inspire in her teams.

The management style she seeks

Watch and do as I do
Try this

How should she be managed?

Emmanuelle Sillé expects a manager to challenge her daily. She needs to feel progress and be stimulated constantly, notably by ambitious objectives. The perfect leader for her is one who gives her personal challenges and makes her develop. She is motivated by an individual management approach oriented towards the result.

The culture in which she blossoms

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organisation Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for her development?

Emmanuelle Sillé seeks an active work environment oriented towards results. She is best satisfied in a company culture that values innovation by adopting a flexible approach to work. Each person is free to work in their own way to achieve their goals. She needs a work context that evolves regularly to integrate new ways of working, and be regularly questioned. Indeed, she expects to be stimulated by her environment, and in no case does she set herself a work routine. Definitively, she needs few rules, but rather a culture that values accomplishments.


Her way of thinking

Preferred tasks Complex

Capacity to comprehend new and strategic subjects.

Decision-making Reasoned

She dedicates time to ensuring her decisions are right.

Learning style Innovate

Easily integrates and tests new concepts herself.

Problems she can deal with

Brilliant from an intellectual point of view, Emmanuelle Sillé tends to easily adapt concepts that were initially foreign. She is able to understand new or complex subjects without needing to see them in practice. This means she can develop her skills by researching and reading about a diverse range of subjects. She needs to be intellectually stimulated by her work, without which she may get bored quickly.

Emmanuelle Sillé's spontaneous temperament leads her to learn by testing concepts and techniques herself. For her, the best way to acquire new knowledge is to try, develop understanding through failure, then start again. She sometimes lacks patience. To integrate new ideas or new knowledge, she first needs to experiment by herself.