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Yohann Assoune is an "A-Player" type profile.

A-Player profiles have unusually strong adaptability, learn very quickly and are strongly action-oriented. They have a tendency to succeed and progress easily, regardless of the environment in which they're likely to evolve.

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Yohann Assoune

Head of Sales - Consumptional Business France

  • Business development
  • Master


Account Management New Business Development Consultative Sales Insight Selling Solution Selling
Entrepreneurship SaaS/ASP Software Solutions Infrastructure Services Hardware solutions Digital Services Subscription Economy


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How they behave
What they want to do
What they can do


Personal Pitch

► +10 YEARS WITH PROVEN EXPERIENCE IN ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT & COMPLEX SALES ► STRONG SKILLS IN "AS A SERVICE" AND SUBSCRIPTION ECONOMY ► FOCUS ON CLIENT SUCCESS ► PASSIONATE ABOUT INNOVATION ► ENTREPRENEUR & RESULT DRIVEN ► ENJOY NEW CHALLENGES SPECIALTIES: Account Management, New Business Development, Consultative Sales, Insight Selling, Solution Selling, Entrepreneurship, SaaS/ASP Software Solutions, Infrastructure Services, Hardware solutions, Digital Services, Subscription Economy


Preferred behaviors

Demonstrate dynamism
Channel energy
Manage stress
Have critical thinking
Design strategies
Organize and execute
Manage change
Demonstrate proactivity
Develop relationship
Lead people
Communicate tactfully
Support others
Distinctive potential
Recognized potential
Easily mobilised potential
Potential to be developed

Personal style

Yohann Assoune comes across as someone determined and strong-minded. They are proactive and always on the lookout for suggestions and actions to take their work forward. They have a flexible approach to their job and can easily handle change and unexpected events. The engaging way in which they present their ideas leaves those they talk to in little doubt - you want to follow them. Their leadership and desire for continual progress make them an incredible driving force in a team.

Their strong points

In their relation to others
  • They demonstrate spontaneous communication and are frank.
  • They do not have too many relationships and hold back.
  • They are a critical thinker and only accept reasoned ideas.
In their working style
  • They adapt easily to change and have a positive view of it.
  • They are very proactive and find it easy to come up with new ideas.
  • They strive for excellence and are not satisfied with the bare minimum.
In their emotional management
  • They show discernment and make judgments based on facts.
  • They "try things out" and are willing to take risks.
  • They are responsive, very energetic and have a sense of urgency.

Talent Tags

#observant #to the point #Critical #conceptual #creative #change #improvises #initiative #factual #takes risks

How they could be more effective

  • They could concentrate for longer on a subject and avoid, as much as possible, getting distracted in their work context.
  • They could pay more attention to the way they speak to others, to be sure of the way their messages are perceived.
  • They should concentrate on obtaining results with current methods rather than routinely looking to upheave everything.


What drives them ...

Meeting new people
Maintaining personal balance
Creating new things

And what motivates them less

Developing in a reassuring environment
Having attractive remuneration
Worrying about quality

The way they manage their energy

They orient the majority of their energy towards action. Their sources of motivation push them to move and take risks. They need to be stimulated to maintain their interest in an activity or a position. For them, stability is synonymous with boredom and tiredness. It is better to regularly offer them new challenges.

The activities they prefer


Promotion is an activity in which Yohann Assoune blossoms the most. They are satisfied when they have to be a project ambassador and present a job to a large audience. They need a position that gives them access to this role because they draw much energy from it.


This activity can absolutely suit Yohann Assoune in the sense that it involves a detached view and a decisive decision-making on a subject. They enjoy challenging others' points of view and bringing their perspective to a subject. They like being able to demonstrate independence in their judgements.


Being able to boost the energy at work is a main source of fulfilment for Yohann Assoune. They are, indeed, enlivened by an energy that they like to communicate in the work that is entrusted to them, notably, by pushing others into action. They need to see projects progress and use their restlessness to further their advancement.

The environment they seek

#humor #respect #friendly #process #hospitable #method #proximity #principle #welcoming

The management style they use

Come with me
Do what I tell you

What this means

Yohann Assoune is a hands-on manager who gives clear directions. They let people know what is expected and thus avoid any ambiguity. For them, a leader should clearly explain their vision and set the example for the team. They value following the rules and reliability.

The management style they seek

Try this
Come with me

How should they be managed?

Yohann Assoune expects a manager to inspire and make progress on a personal level. They need to be guided in their work by someone who has an action plan for them. They look for a mentor in whom they can trust. They are motivated by a leader who pushes them towards a collective objective, but who demonstrates a capability to take into account the singularities of each person.

The culture in which they blossom

Flexibility Control Relationships Results Collaboration Innovation Organization Competition
Preferred culture
Secondary culture

What's the best environment for their development?

Yohann Assoune seeks an active work environment oriented towards results. They are best satisfied in a company culture that values innovation by adopting a flexible approach to work. Each person is free to work in their own way to achieve their goals. They need a work context that evolves regularly to integrate new ways of working, and be regularly questioned. Indeed, they expect to be stimulated by their environment, and in no case do they set themselves a work routine. Definitively, they need few rules, but rather a culture that values accomplishments.


Their way of thinking

Preferred work Intermediate

Resolve problems
Manage the unexpected
Use knowledge

Decision-making Reasoned

They prefer spending a little more time making sure their decisions are good.

Learning style Innovate

Easily integrate new concepts and test them themselves.

Problems they can deal with

Reasoning from numerical information is something Yohann Assoune does easily. They are, indeed, comfortable analyzing tables, graphs, and doing mathematical calculations. Data is more accessible for them that other kinds of formats and they have a particular receptiveness in this area.
Yohann Assoune has a particular affinity for tasks that require work on concepts. They are comfortable thinking about fundamentally abstract information. An intense analysis leads them to throw themselves into it and try to predict all the aspects linked to projects on which they are working. They could even lack, sometimes, a bit of realism.